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About Us


Auratech Software Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based company, specialising in the development of business-oriented, user-friendly software systems for companies of all sizes and for the small office/home office (SOHO).

Using innovative interfaces and methodologies, Auratech Software is able to produce business software of the highest standard, that is specifically designed to meet customer requirements. Although concentrating on the development of shelf products, Auratech Software designs its software to be customised to suit the individual business. Integrating the latest advances in technology, and following strict development procedures, Auratech Software aims to produce the highest quality products available on the market, to ensure clients have software products that are at the forefront of the business field.

Since inception in March 1997, Auratech Software has been committed to developing a reputation as a producer of high quality software.
Promotion of at least one product that every business will find indispensable, and the release of a suite of other products that will appeal to every level of business management will ensure achievement of this goal.

Auratech Software and the selected distributors of Auratech Software products also further enhance their reputations, by providing comprehensive after sales service and support to their customers. Customer feedback is highly valued by Auratech Software and input into product development is encouraged, in the belief this will lead to the development of superior products.

Auratech Software is also keen to develop a community-oriented image. A sponsorship program for athletes has already commenced, with Auratech Software providing equipment and encouragement to athletes dedicated to achieving success in their sporting field.


Paul B. G. Smith
As founder of Auratech Software, Paul is responsible for the direction and management of the company, its staff and its products.

Having started his I.T career on the help desk, Paul designed and developed the company's first product, CISS, a customer support system.
Paul's beliefs that "Automation is key" and "Software should be fast and easy to use", has steered the development of all Auratech's products into maximising the work done by computers and the intuitive user interfaces.

He has a long and diverse range of experience in the I.T sector, including customer support, trainer, analyst programmer, consultant and teacher. Paul has also lectured and delivered presentations at universities overseas and has a Bachelor of Business - Computing from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), amongst other certifications including being a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).

Paul's hands-on approach to management, finds him currently also heading up Sales for the company.

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