How to Stop Thieves Stealing Your Hard Earned Affiliate Commissions

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Auratech's Affiliate Link Cloaker

Dear Friend

You've probably heard about the rapidly growing trend on the Internet which could cause you to lose thousands in affiliate commissions. In case you haven't, people could be stealing your referrals by either:
  • Link Hi-jacking - High-jacking is when the purchaser takes your affiliate link out and replaces it with their own link. Now your "would be" commission turns into a discount for them.

  • Link Bypassing - Bypassing is what happens when someone sees an affiliate link and instead of clicking on it, they copy the main part of the link (the domain) directly into their browser's address bar to go to the same place, thus no referral is credited to you.
All your work generating traffic and then pre-selling in order to get them to click on your affiliate links, could all be in vain! You've worked too hard to lose even one commission to these thieves!

A fast and easy way to protect your affiliate links!

Fortunately we've developed a program that protects your commissions by cloaking your links and preventing almost any chance of theft.

Better still, we've made this program fast and easy to use. There's no HTML coding on your part.

  1. Just enter your affiliate link
  2. Click the "Cloak Link" button
  3. Click'n'Paste the cloaked link into your HTML web page or email.
It's So Simple! See the sample screen shot below.

screen shot

and this is how it turns out


Plus that's not all. Here's what else you get...

You can cloak as many links as you like
Use the program as often as you like (no expiry)
You can pass this program around to your friends and colleagues.

Our Special FREE Offer

Similar programs are selling between $30 and $40 US (and even as much as $97), but our program we are giving away to you for FREE. Why you may ask? Well we are trying something different to hopefully gain some new customers. We feel that once you see how useful and easy to use our program is, you may be enticed to take a look at the other products we sell.

Download Your FREE Copy Now!

The file size is only 2.8 Mb and the system runs on all PCs with Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/2003 operating systems with a minimum 8 Mb Memory. Plus, if for some reason (can't think of why you wouldn't) you don't like the program, it comes with uninstall functionality so it will remove the program and restore everything back the way it was before you loaded it. The program has also been scanned for viruses. Now how's that for assurance?!

Just fill in the form below and click the 'Submit' button and we'll email you instructions on downloading your copy!

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No details will be made available to any third parties. If you have any questions or problems then please feel free to contact us at Auratech Software

We hope that you like this program and we'd like to hear any feedback.


Paul Smith -- Managing Director
Auratech Software Pty Ltd.

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